Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Personal Journal

Art by Richard Kane Ferguson

There are things in life you wanted to remember, but there are lots of them and some, you unintentionally forget. You may remember if something or someone triggered it to be remembered. They say, you make take everything, but they cannot take your memory away from you. So as for me, I planned to put up my personal journal so if I forget some of the things I wanted to remember, I'll just look for and read it here. Some of you may be reading this, some will find it entertaining, and some may not. So as a disclaimer, I don't care whatever comments you put up. Anyways, I have my choice to have it posted or not.

Arcane Denial you ask? It's a mysterious dissent...

"If you want to remember something, tie a string around your index finger."

"If you want to forget everything, tie a rope around your neck."