Saturday, February 27, 2010

Faster Internet Speed/Connection

I don't really know if this works or I am just fooling myself. When I play 'Cafe World' I always experience slow connection. I'm waiting for YouTube to load first before I can watch a video. But after I immediately tried this 'tweak', as you may call it, the connection immediately improved. Faster 'Cafe World' and no waiting for video to load in YouTube, simultaneously! Anyways, I would be glad to share this to anyone who's experiencing slow connection to the internet.

1. Right click on My Computer
2. Click Properties
3. Click Hardware tab
3. Click Device Manager
4. Double click on Ports or you can just click on the + sign
5. Right click on Communications Port (COM1)
6. Click properties
7. Click on Port Settings tab
8. Set the Bits per second to 128000
9. Set the Flow control to Hardware

As far as I am using it, there aren't any side effects or bad effects on my PC... yet! So you just better try it in your own risk. Or if it gave you good effect, tell it here on comments. ;)