Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cam-Phone Vanity!

How I hate the vanity of girls when I see their profiles in friendster, myspace and others...

...with poses as if they were real models and would put on the occupation space: MODEL. WTF?!!
...the picture's angle is mostly from the top to below, showing their angle-faked faces. Trying to seduce guys showing their cleavages (even if there's none)!
...with their tongues out and with one eye winked! Duh! It's like almost everybody does it!
...with pictures only with the legs or cleavage shown, not the face. I WONDER why!
...with sexy intended (may be or not really) photos captioned: "dAmN Im FaT!=(" or something like that... <-- FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS ON THE COMMENT BOX!
...and there's just so many others!

I wonder why some of the ladies are like this. Women's nature you may say? Well I just hate it. And they're proud to say they're cam-whores?!!

[*This blog supposed to be posted a long time ago, but for some reasons, I just put it now. Well, whatever! :P]


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just read your comment. :P i thought nobody's gonna ever read my blogs. :P yes, funny indeed. xD *apir*