Friday, August 03, 2007

Share PMT (Pinoy Money Talk), win an iPod Nano!

How fun could this get? Just spread the word from the community and you win some.

What's PMT and what do i get from it?

Pinoy Money Talk is a forum site that I joined a couple of months ago that I just heard from another forum. I'm interested in money-making (the legal way) and still would like to learn more about it. This is where you would learn how to invest in the stock market, how to start up your own business, may it be online or at home, and you could also find the jobs you're looking for here.

What's fun is you get to meet a wide variations of business people, mostly Pinoy, and get to talk with them, may it be regarding about business or just casual talk. If you want to share some of the things that you know, especially regarding about business, you could share it with us if you join the community. It's actually free and you have nothing to lose. What's more fun is if you join the community and share the community with your friends, acquaintances, relatives or anybody else, you get to win a prize. Not that grand but, hey, still a prize, right?

What to do? Visit the community here: Pinoy Money Talk and think about it. Pinoy Money Talk is where Pinoys make money together. Enjoy!