Saturday, November 11, 2006

Download YouTube Movies

If you have seen a movie that is in YouTube and like to save it in your PC and watch it even offline, I have a simple solution for you. There are lots of options but this is what I use/do and it's very much effective.

First, choose between Keepvid or VideoDL on where would you like to download the file/movie clip from YouTube. You'll just have to copy and paste the link on the space provided.

Downloaded files are downloaded as .flv file or flash video. There is a media player that plays flash videos. One is Replay and you can download it here. Or if you like to have it converted to a certain format that you like, use Total Video Converter (see previous post) or you can also use Replay Converter and you can download it here.

After the conversion, you can now play it offline because it is already saved in your PC and you can now also have it burned on a CD/DVD.


Helena said...

i've just heard about it last month- i'm using ripvideo..and TVC also.